farm produce

farm fruit

We harvest our fruit from early June to mid-September.
picking apicots


Obsidian (June):

great flavor, slightly tart, mid-size, great for jam, thornless

Natchez (late June-early July):

good flavor, mid-size, thornless

Black Pearl (late June-early July):

good flavor, mid-size, thornless

Boysenberry (June to early July):

great flavor, large berry, thorns

Triple Crown (early July-mid August):

our favorite variety, large, longer shelf life, thornless

Figs on tree


Mission (early summer and early fall crop)

sweet flavor, large, black purple skin, great for jam

Brown Turkey (early summer and early fall crop)

good flavor, mid-size, violet brown skin

Celestial (early summer and early fall crop)

very sweet, light violet skin


Zee Diamond (mid-June):

smaller peach, great flavor

June Pride (mid-July):

intense peach flavor, dark red skin blush

Red Haven (early July):

large, juicy peach, mango-like fruit, lighter skin blush

July Flame (mid-late July):

darker skin blush, juicy with great flavor

Elegant Lady (late July):

mid-size fruit with good flavor

Summer Lady (late July):

excellent texture and flavor

August Lady (early August):

similar to elegant and summer lady, good flavor

O'Henry (mid August):

the classic peach, excellent flavor and large fruit

Tra-Zee (mid-late August):

lighter skinned than the O'Henry and tarter flavor

Peaches in the box
Apicots on tree


Robada (mid-June):

large, apple size apricots, with perfect texture, amazing apricot flavor

Brittany Gold (mid-July):

firm, dense apricots with tart, delicious flavor

Bleinhem (early July):

fragrant, fragile apricots – the classic jam fruit

Autumn Sprite (August):

smaller apricots; keeps well, great flavor

Late Brittany (early September):

tart, large apricots, great flavor


Independence (early July):

intense nectarine flavor with a darker red skin

Flavor Top (late July):

lighter yellow skin nectarine

Arctic Jay (late July):

white nectarine, smooth texture and great flavor

Fantasia (late July):

yellow nectarines; delicious

Spice Zee (early August):

large, juicy white nectarines

nectarines on the tree